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He played with my heart And messed with my head All I can do is cry I never wana leave my bed He says he loves me But he’s ready to leave I love him to pieces And I strongly believe We can fight through the bad, And become so strong But if I’m the only one trying Then to be with him would be wrong Baby please don’t go, I need you like I need air We made love just yesterdsay, this so isn’t fair I’m broken inside and I can’t truly smile To win you back ID run a thousand miles I feel pathetic and I feel alone Even in a crowd full of people I can’t help but to stare at my phone See if you text me, waiting for a call This is all a nightmare I never wanted to fall In love or out, but things just happen Baby please come back, I want to make you happy. Your smile is amazing, it lights up the world And it breaks my heart, one day it can be caused by another girl It’s making me sick, I can’t breathe My stomach just flips, I can’t explain how I feel The weed calms me down, and the liquor speeds me up But I’ve cried more tears, then liquor full in my cup The stress and the fights, a know it’s a lot But it’s worth it the nights, I got to sleep in your arms There was times I thought of leaving, but I never did I wish I had the guts, to live without him It physically hurts, and I can’t take the pain I’ve been thinking of the drugs, that had forgotten my name That white stuff, like snow, made me warm when I was cold But right now it seems, that nothing is as bold Never let one person determine ur happiness, You’ll end up like me, with heartbroken sadness We were best friends, you said Ride or Die, You promised you wouldn’t leave, and now it’s all a lie. I can pretend to be fine and with people I can smile, It’s being alone I’m afraid of, even just a little while I can’t sleep, I toss turn and cry I wake up without you, so empty inside I had a dream, everything was fine I woke up to a nightmare, that is now my real life. If they come back they were always yours, and if they don’t they never were I just wish you’d never had left, again, my love. I want to numb the pain I want it to go away I want to feel nothing I don’t wana play this game Am I not enough, do you need more I feel so stupid, more ten ever before I thought you were different, I believed you were the one I had doubt in everything you said, but I believed you no matter what I need my best friend, but he caused the pain I need you more then you know, more then anything. What if you want me back What if when Will you hold me and love me Then leave, once again I feel like it’s all my fault I wasn’t a good friend You were stressed and all I did, was add to it I promise I’ll change, I’ll be more laid back I’ll trust you and love you, just please come back😭😭😭😭😭😭

I’m heart broken, and I write to get the pain out. But somehow, it feels like I never will 💔


A Summary: Kesha Rose Sebert

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You’re allowed to be sad, but please don’t think that nobody loves you.

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